What to do for Carpet Stains

One of the biggest challenges of House cleaning Eastern Suburbs homes is carpet stains. In most cases acting fast will help you have better success at having the stain removed. Here are common carpet stains and the best thing to do to stop them from getting in too deep.

Soft Drinks, Juices and Coffee

This is a real culprit for carpet stains. The best thing to do is gently blot the access of liquid first. Then use a solution of ¼ cup white vinegar, 1 tbsp. of dish cleaning liquid topped off with water to fill a mist bottle. Spray the area and let it soak for at least 10 minutes. Then blot again with a dry towel. This should remove most of the stain and you can then call for an emergency carpet cleaning service to finish the job.

Pet Stains

If you are home and witness the staining remove the stool first and for urine blot to remove the moisture. You can then use the same misting method as above. If you are not present and the mess has had time to dry, you will have to moisten the stained area first. A solution of half water and half white vinegar will assist in the removal of odour when left on for about 10 minutes and then blotted. You will then have to add baking soda to the area and then apply a 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide solution mixed with water and dish detergent. As this dissolves the baking soda, scrub the area. Allow to dry and then vacuum up the whole mess. You really should arrange for a professional carpet clean to avoid the smell to penetrate deeper and become permanent.


Ink can be a real problem but you can try applying hair spray and/or nail polish in the area of the ink dabbing gently. Isopropyl alcohol can work if dabbed as well. The main problem is not knowing what your carpet is made of and how it will react to these techniques.

The House cleaning Eastern Suburbs needs can benefit from any of these techniques.