Tips for Creating a Professional Inviting Office

When you are trying to create an image to help attract new clients the look of your office can play a key role. The services your business provides, the style of office you are renting and the ambiance you wish to create all work together to create the image you wish to present.

Your Logo and Brand

Not all businesses will care much about their logo and brand in relation to their office design. However if you run marketing, advertising or web design company you will want to build on that creative vibe and looking to your logo for inspiration can help. Using the colours of your logo on a main wall in the entry will create a focal point as well as provide brand identity when people arrive. You can use accent walls throughout the office in conference rooms, waiting areas and elevator banks to carry the brand colours throughout the office.

Style and Substance

You want to give consideration to the style that will best represent your business. If you are a law office you may want to present a sense of history and longevity to instil trust in which case more traditional furnishings and accents are required. If you are a design company you might want to present a more cutting edge feeling and if you are a children’s doctor a child friendly approach using colour, fun furniture and smaller seating in the waiting area will work.

Presentation and Professionalism

Attention to detail including the Office cleaning Kings Cross businesses need to remain presentable is very important. You want to create an air of professionalism as well as a welcome feeling for clients. Comfortable furniture in the waiting area, a place for coats and coffee will provide the welcome you want for visitors. This is all part of the presentation and professionalism you need to impress clients and let them know they are important.