Sealing porous tiles, such as terracotta, marble, onyx, limestone, granite, polished porcelains, travertine, sandstones, serpentine, and all other natural stones, is important. It protects them from premature decay and also helps to make cleaning a simpler and time consuming process. But stone sealing also provides several other benefits, like enhancing the stone’s natural beauty and its resistance to staining.

Cleaning Contractors NSW offers a wide variety of sealers for all types of tiles and natural stones, including:

  • Anti-slip products (provides traction on stone floorings)
  • Penetrating products to repel oil or water
  • Surface products (provides a physical barrier liquids and dirt)
  • Tile and stone enhancers (brings out the natural beauty of flamed granite, tumbled marble, and honed travertine)

Old tiles can be cleaned and resealed to bring them back to life, but to gain the full benefit of sealing, we strongly recommend that any newly laid porous tiles be sealed immediately. We understand that tiles, stone floors and other work surfaces represent an important investment in your business or home, which is why we strive to give you the best results possible.

At Cleaning Contractors NSW, we take pride in the quality of our craft, and with our in-depth knowledge in this highly-specialized field, you can be sure of the very highest quality results every time.


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