Five Cleaning Services your Office Cleaners should Provide

When you are looking for the best Office cleaning Alexandria businesses hire you should ensure they provide these five important services:

1. Washroom Supplies: An office cleaning Alexandria needs should include the restocking of your washroom supplies. Having to worry about ordering supplies as well as letting cleaning staff know where everything is stored is a hassle. You can have less to worry about when this service is included and know that washrooms will be fully stocked each morning for staff and visitor use.

2. High Level Cleaning: Many offices have extra high ceilings, open and welcoming foyers and high-rise windows. In these cases you want to ensure the office cleaning Alexandria uses must have access to the types of equipment required for these special needs including extension poles, ladders, scissor lifts and other equipment that will allow cleaning staff to safely and easily reach the highest chandeliers and ledges.

3. Full Floor Cleaning: Wear and tear of floors can really make your business appear old and worn. This means you may look like you lack experience or you are unsuccessful which can make potential clients nervous. You want a cleaning company that can provide the heavy duty floor cleaning or carpet cleaning you need including sanding, resealing, stripping, polishing, grout cleaning for tile and the delicate cleaning of high maintenance floors such as timber and natural stone.

4. Window Cleaning: You’ve heard the old joke, “I don’t do windows.” You want to find a cleaning company that does windows both inside and out on low level and high level buildings. Attention to detail for screens and ledges should also be part of the service.

5. Kitchens: Many office cleaning Alexandria services will do basic cleaning of kitchens such as floors. You want a company that will handle everything from emptying and filling dishwashers to a thorough fridge cleaning at the end of each week.

As you can see there are many aspects of office cleaning Alexandria cleaners might miss. Knowing exactly what they provide ahead of hiring them will ensure you have all of the services you need.