Once a building has been constructed and the workers have left the premises and all the tools and equipment have been removed from the site, a builder’s responsibility is still not done with. It becomes their responsibility to ensure that the building is cleaned up from top to bottom and that all the dirt and debris has been removed from the site.

In many ways this task becomes as important as the building construction work itself. The fact is that it’s important that you hire the services of a company like Cleaning Contractors NSW to tackle the job for you.

Different Projects

We are a very reputed company in this space and have been providing customers across the region with the best Builders Cleaning in Lavender Bay. Our work prepares your property for immediate occupation & you are assured that you are handing over a thoroughly clean property to your client. We handle all types of cleaning – right after the initial as well as final stages of the work and have handled cleaning projects for:

  • Schools
  • Private buildings
  • Office blocks
  • Heritage buildings
  • Supermarkets
  • Townhouses
  • Apartment blocks
  • Houses
  • Cinemas
  • Other

Expert Cleaners

We have the skill, expertise, manpower as well as all the cleaning agents and tools required to handle the job to the highest levels of expertise. When you entrust Builders Cleaning in Lavender Bay to our company, you will have peace of mind that the work is completed to your as well as your client’s satisfaction. All our personnel are trained and certified and once our entire team comes over to your site, they ensure that every area is squeaky clean.

The Focus Points

While we are handling Builders Cleaning in Lavender Bay for our clients, our focus is on being thorough and meticulous and since we are highly experienced, we also know exactly which areas and features will need more attention as they tend to become dirtier than the others. While we are cleaning every inch of your building, the things we pay attention to are:

  • Latest pressure washing & turbo cleaning techniques
  • Adherence  to safety & compliance rules
  • Cleaning agents that are hazardous  to health are never used
  • Complete vacuuming of utility areas & electrical equipment
  • Deep cleaning of all high-usage areas
  • All the work is completed methodically and thoroughly
  • High-powered tool usage is closely monitored by supervisors
  • Our experienced & dedicated staff tackles each area; even the ones that are out of reach

Contact the Professionals

For professional, safe and cost-effective Builders cleaning in Lavender Bay, settle for nothing but the best. Call Cleaning Contractors NSW at (02) 8036 2422 for more information or free quotes.  You can even submit queries via this online form. We understand that every property is different and every service will be customised to your requirements. For more information, contact us with your requirement today- you are assured of the best solutions at all times.