Carpets require intensely deep cleaning once every six months, which means vacuuming is far from enough. Vacuuming cannot eliminate contaminants such as dirt pollens, mildew, and dust mites. These contaminants can damage the fibers and spread to the base if left untreated, which may result in destroying the weave that holds your carpets together.

There are two efficient carpet cleaning methods, dry cleaning, and hot-water extraction. Dry cleaning should not be mistaken with the concept of dry cleaning clothing. A certain amount of water is always involved in carpet cleaning. There are four different kinds of dry cleaning:

  • Dry foam method, this method uses dry foam to clean your carpets. In this method, shampoo is utilized on carpets, which are then enabled to dry. The last step is the dried shampoo is removed with a vacuum. 
  • Dry-chem method, this is similar to dry foam method, with a significant difference. The thing that differs this method from dry foam is that when a dry chemical is used, the cleaners set a large cotton bonnet on your carpet. The bonnet will then have a rotation from side to side with equipment enabling it to absorb the dirt. 
  • Dry compound method, this method spreads an absorbent mixture that appears to look like sawdust covering all parts of your carpet. Then, a machine will be used to brush the mixture into the carpet.  Then, the mixture absorbs the dirt. Similar to the dry foam method, the dried compound is removed into a vacuum at the end
  • Encapsulation, this method removes recurring spill stains and wicking. A crystallizing polymer encapsulates soil so it can be extracted with using a vacuum cleaner. There is no adhesive residue, which means it cannot invite soil.

Meanwhile, the other type of cleaning is hot water extraction or steam carpet cleaning services. This carpet cleaning method normally involves a hot water solution that is forced into the carpet under high pressure and then extracted right away.  

Undoubtedly, the most efficient way to clean carpet is the hot-water technique. Some people may make the mistake of thinking that hot water actually damages carpets.  Performing carpet cleaning with the hot water extraction method is much more effective than dry cleaning. This has a deeper and better cleaning for carpets. If you are in the need of cleaning service for your commercial carpets, make sure that you hire the right company that has all the commercial cleaning expertise that will meet all your requirements.