Construction is a messy project. Whether you are constructing a new house or renovating it, the carpenters, painters, drywall finishers; everyone will leave loads of mess for you to clean. Removing the evidences of construction is not easy. Only highly professional construction cleaning Cammeray companies like us would be able to give a spotless look to your house.

With more than 19 years of experience, we are fully equipped to deep-clean commercial as well as residential properties and remove all traces of construction. Whether you are a builder who has just finished a project and want a thorough cleanup or a home-owner who has recently renovated or constructed a part of his house, we can help! We have a big team of well-groomed and trained professionals who can handle properties of all sizes and conditions.

We guarantee our work

From your flooring to the ceiling and everything in between; we guarantee you that there will be no traces of construction left in your premises. This guarantee makes us the most trustworthy construction cleaning Cammeray company in the entire Sydney and its suburb region. No dirt, no debris, no cement, no dust; you will get an absolutely clean property that will look fresh and smell fresh. We have high-tech cleaning products and equipments that help us remove all traces of construction efficiently. Further, our highly trained team pays a lot of attention to details and triple check their work so that they can provide more accuracy to their job. This sets us apart from tons of other construction cleaning Cammeray companies out there.

We are a credible company

We are a member of Master Builders Association and Australian Cleaning Contractors’ Alliance. We hold worker’s compensation. We have also invested in Public & Products Liability Insurances. We understand how risky it can be to clean a newly constructed site and therefore, ensure that all our operators complete the OH&S Induction Course for Construction Work before start working on our projects. We only hire people who are trained in cleaning, restoration, and maintenance operations. All of them are well groomed professionals who will arrive in their work uniform. They are punctual and excel in customer service. These are just a few reasons that make us a better choice than others.

No subcontractors; we handle all our work

Subcontracting can cost you dearly. You may not get quality services and may end up paying more than what you expected. We at M&K Links, one of the oldest construction cleaning Cammeray companies DO NOT employ subcontractors. We take as many projects as we can handle and work on realistic deadlines.

  • We respect your time as much as we respect ours.  So, be assured that we will finish our cleanup work on time.
  • We will follow all safety instructions so that your house or its valuables do not get damaged during the cleanup work.
  • We will do everything right from removing the debris to deep cleaning your property. No assistance required from you.
  • Services available as per your convenience and availability

If you are interested in our construction cleaning Cammeray services, fill out the online form for a free quote or call us at (02) 8036 2422 for assistance.