If you are looking to rent out, lease or even sell your property and want to remove all signs of dust and dirt from your house, builders cleaning in Paddington will efficiently remove every trace of debris, dust and dirt and make your house look very presentable. Cleaning Contractors NSW is a decade old company with the experience to handle even the toughest jobs with efficiency and expertise.

An overview

Post construction cleaning is a specialised job, and our builders cleaning in Paddington services include:

  • Removal of dust and debris from the entire house
  • Cleaning of windows and glass
  • Cleaning of tiles
  • Cleaning of plumbing fixtures
  • Vacuuming the entire house
  • Cleaning of all sinks, basins tubs etc

We will do everything that needs to be done. We will clean up the building site and make the space presentable again. When construction work is in progress, spaces and all the features tend to get dirty,   and builders cleaning in Paddington make the property look as good as new.

Guarantee and experience

Our builders cleaning in Paddington team guarantees that the cleanup will be the best you have seen. We use the best industrial equipment (dry and wet vacuum cleaners) and other modern equipment that can clean even hard to reach areas’ it is used to clear all debris from your property.  We have been in this business for over 19 years, we hire the best workers. All of them are highly trained and licensed professionals who operate our innovative tools and cleaning products to give a spotless look to your property.

We have been involved with builders cleaning in Paddington for many years and our experience shows in the way we complete the tasks of cleaning without any problems and delay. We have many repeat customers and builders who like to use our services regularly. Every builder wants a reliable service and our reputation enables builders to entrust us knowing the job will get done without any hassles and on time.

Safety & Compliance

We value your time and want your business; we are known work hard to maintain our standing in the market. With our experience of over a decade, we are one of the best in builders cleaning in Paddington.  We take pride in getting a job well done; adhere to all Safety rules and regulations & safety methods are used while our personnel are on duty. This is especially true when our team handles electrical equipments, cleaning agents and when they undertake complex cleaning processes.

Call today

We guarantee you a one hundred percent satisfaction. Our experience in this industry makes our builders cleaning in Paddington, the best choice in building cleaning. We will clean your premises and deliver the service within the period, we promised. Should you have any specific requirement, call our staff at Cleaning Contractors NSW on (02) 8036 2422.  You can even submit this online form and send us your queries.